3 Steps To Closing The Deal

Close the deal with a sweet hookup with these simple steps

Now that you have successfully got your hookup’s number, there is still half the battle to fight. Remember! Until you and her are naked in bed, always stay on top of your game. Never crack or start celebrating too early.

Step 1: Get Her Out On A Date And Have Fun

Text well and text smart but don’t turn into a text whore. For us, we typically try not to go past 30 texts and will try to fix up a date within two days of texting, but this takes practice. Why? We feel that we can do much more when we get in front of them. There is a lot of interaction such as body language, body contact and naughty humor that can’t be done over text. We do know a couple guys who are masters at texting, but it is not our style. One reason we can think of why you might want to do texting for a little longer is if you are naturally shy (especially when starting your hookup adventures), then texting may give you more time to frame more humorous, witty replies.

Getting her out on a date is typically easy. You don’t really need anything special to start with, coffee or dinner dates can be fixed easily. Sometimes, if we hit off on a good rapport, we may ask the girl out on certain activities that we also enjoy, such as surfing. You will want activities that can give you close body proximity. For example, if you can skate well and she is a beginner, then it gives you lots of opportunity to be close to her and warm things up! Important tip: Try not to go on activities that does not require much interaction with each other, like going to the movies. I wouldn’t discount that you may get some foreplay in the theatre but there is a good chance that you will just end up watching the show instead.

Step 2: Charge The Atmosphere And Make The Ask

The key idea behind making the ask is not about how you make the ask, but WHEN you make the ask. There are no magic words. It is all about TIMING. You should do the ask after creating an atmosphere charged with sexual tension. So DON’T WAIT, even if you are halfway through the date. In contrast, if you wait too long or if you make the ask during a “lull period”, then you will find that your chances of closing the deal are significantly lower. What is a lull period? A lull period happens when you are not interacting closely with each other or if her attention is not focused on you. For example, if she is hungry, she will be distracted and not focused on you. Another example: if you are having a dinner date and did not work your game on her enough, any passion that was built up from the beginning will start to fade and she will be “cold”  when you make the ask.

Step 3: Be Prepared And Perform!

As the saying goes, success happens when preparation meets opportunity. What do I mean by be prepared? It means that before going, you make the assumption that you will definitely close the deal. Make sure that you have a few condoms in your car or wallet, so you don’t have to make an unnecessary trip to the convenience store. Have the address list of at least 3 love hotels in the possible areas you may be having your date. You will not want to start googling for love hotels only after she agreed to go. The minute your girl says “Yes!”, you will know exactly what to do.

Once you get her into the room, the last thing you need to do is to perform. By performing, it means that you will want to make sure she is pleasured in the entire process. This isn’t like the last porn movie you watched in which the girl spent 93% of the time pleasuring the guy. Don’t just think of shooting out your load and ignoring her needs. Compliment her and make her feel sexy, make her feel good about her body. Use your body and give her the best time of her life. Remember this: good performance is good karma. Good karma means REPEATED SEX. So instead of having to restart the entire process again, you will build your up network of hookup buddies that you can regularly have great fun with!

Here’s another great thing to know: once you become more practised at the intricacies of the game, you can start skipping steps. That’s what we all do. We follow the process given in our articles, and after some time you will find that you have gotten a lot smarter at catching sexual hints, timing your moves and closing the deal. This is when things start to get REALLY FUN 🙂

Now if you are still reading this and have not taken any action, get started now! There is nothing as deadly as inaction. If you are never in the game, you will never have a shot at the prize. The one lottery winner who won the Powerball is the one that went out to buy the ticket. 

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