4 Steps To Get Your Hookup’s Number In 15 Mins

Learn how you can get your date’s number easily with this simple method

Now that you had gotten past the initial message introduction, you will want to get her out of the hookup site and into the real world. What does this mean? This does not mean getting some bedroom action. Not yet anyway. This simply means that you want to bring her into a “normal” environment where she can easily accept you as part of her social circle.

1.  Easy Conversations with Escalations

Start with an easy conversation without trying to get too sexual too quickly. Some women may be acceptable of highly sexual talk at the start but many prefer a slow escalation. So keep your conversations easy and from time to time, surprise her with something cheeky. For example if I know that she likes surfing, I would tell her that I like surfing too and asks what is her favourite bikini colour and can she show me a picture. If she is comfortable with my question, then I may continue to escalate by asking more cheeky questions such as whether she had been picked up before while out surfing and how did those encounters went. If at any minute she starts to sound hesitant, I will immediately dial back and make jokes about other non-sexual, non-threatening topics. Escalation should be done in a fun manner such that she is continually on her toes. Your aim is to fan that initial interest spark into a small bonfire.

2.  Show A Little Vunerability

You may think that you should portray yourself as the perfect guy in front of girls, but nothing works better than showing a little hint of vulnerability or weakness. Everyone is nervous during a first encounter, and seeing you easily admit things that you can’t do well and laugh about yourself will make her feel way more at ease than messaging a perfect guy who can cook, swim and do the laundry. So even if you are excellent on the subject matter, pretend to be clumsy and show some vulnerability. Using the surfing example above, I would tell her that I love surfing, but unfortunately I am just terrible at it. Perhaps she can bring me out, we can go surfing together and she can give me some tips?

3.  Get Her Number and Add Her on Facebook

There you go! The above is already an excuse for you to make a meetup in real life, rather than messaging each other over a hookup site. Take this chance to ask for her number and add her on Facebook. With a bit of practice, this can be done within 15 minutes and it will be done in a very natural manner. Once you get her personal contact, you can move her out into a more relaxed or informal environment where you can speak, talk and meet her directly. By getting here, you are already better than 97% of the men who had approached her.

4.  Stop Messaging after 15 Minutes

By this time, you had already lit the spark and should have successfully used the above tips to raise her interest levels enough that she is more than willing to give you her number and Facebook. This should take you no more than 15 minutes. Now, you will have to leave the hookup site stop messaging her. Many people thought they can maintain contact with the girl through the hookup site – this is the easiest way to lose touch with her. Pretend that you have something on, politely tell them you have to leave and the next time you contact them, do so via mobile messages. After you are gone, she will have to continue facing those other uninteresting, uninspiring men, and you can bet that SHE WILL START WANTING YOU BACK IMMEDIATELY.

Congratulations! If you are here now, half the battle is already won. Most men fell short during the initial encounters and blamed it on the hookup sites. The truth is that hookup sites are just here as a platform, not your mum. The platform lets you find girls who are open to hookups, but what happens next is 100% DEPENDENT ON YOU. So learn to play the game the right way, and you will find that hookup sites are the best things in your life next to bacon.

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