4 Steps To Writing Successful Messages On Hookup Sites

How to maximize your response rates when sending messages on hookup sites

Your heart starts pounding. Your hands are sweaty. Your breathing gets heavier and your throat is dry. The possibility of rejection, the potential of hitting that one lucky strike. Your mind starts racing, alternating between mindblowing erotic scenes and a cold silence from the other end. What is going to happen next? You wonder.

Welcome to the exciting new world of hookup sites!

Sending or accepting your first emails/ messages can be a harrowing experience if you are new to hookup sites. Here are our best tips to make life easier for you and help you perform your best when making that first initial approach.

1.  Timing

Send messages when someone you like is live online. This is the fastest and easiest way to get immediate feedback. If she is interested, she will typically reply quickly and you can push forward into deeper conversations earlier. One thing that people miss out on frequently is the momentum. Once you lit the spark, you will want to establish momentum and fan this spark into a small fire as soon as possible, it will do way more wonders than you can believe. If you are sending messages to each other once every 4-5 days, interest can cool off extremely quickly. If she does not reply, move on quickly. There’s plenty of fish out there!

2. Unique Subject Line

Don’t use weak openers like “Hello there” or lewd ones like “Wanna see my 12 inch XXX in you?”. These girls get 57 other email openers like this every day and you are just another of those guys. If you want her attention, you gotta be a little different, a little special. Be smart and creative with your lines. You can even say that writing click-bait titles is necessary to get better responses from the girls you like. Some lines that we have used and had worked well in the past include:

  • “Warning: nice, proper email inside. Do not open if you are looking for pics of junk”
  • “Hey, you look beautiful. Check out these earrings inside – suits you perfectly”
  • “Let’s go for a date – after you pass this personality test”

Write a title that intrigues her and makes her want to see what is inside your message.

3.  Be At Your Humorous Best

You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian to do well on a hookup site. The good thing with being on a hookup site is that you can take a little time to think of a smart and funny response. For example, if I say that these earrings are perfect for her, I would show my girl a photo of Hello Kitty earrings with a cheeky comment. This has always worked well. Otherwise, insert some cheeky or corny pickup line, be outrageous and laugh it off. Women love men who can laugh at themselves without being a stiff.

4.  Keep It Short and Simple

Never write an essay for your introduction email. Don’t write your life story, write about what you want or the kind of girls you are looking for. That is self-centred. Why would a girl care about what you want? She cares about what she wants. Look at their profiles and write about things that interests them. Keep sentences short, simple and easy to understand. Have a word limit; I typically try to keep my messages below 250 words.

Some ideas inside the email you can talk about include:

  • Something quirky on her profile pictures (if she has) or talking about common interests/ passions
  • Funny images or memes that you came up with, or with funny, corny pickup lines
  • An interesting personality test. GIRLS LOVE PERSONALITY TESTS!

Everyone likes interesting messages and if she wants to find out more about you, trust me, she will start replying and asking questions. Asking questions indicate interest so the more excited her tone or the more questions she asks, you will be able to gauge how keen she is to deepen the interactions.

If you have done the above and had received positive responses, then well done because you have gotten past the first hurdle of striking up an introduction! It’s that easy, ain’t it? Next up, read about how you can get these girls out of the hookup site and into the real world.

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