5 Tips To A Hookup Site Profile That Attracts Women Like Magnet

How do you write a great profile that attracts women on hookup sites?

Everybody needs love and physical comfort, this is why people go out looking for partners be it on normal dating sites or casual hookup sites. Dating sites have yielded millions of sizzling encounters all over the world and can do the same for you. However, attracting a member of the opposite is not as simple as just creating a profile on a dating site or hookup site. Rather, the trick lies in creating a profile that attracts, intrigues and makes the girl want to find out more about you. This is how you take your interactions to the next level.

Writing about yourself can be challenging but if you really want to find a partner on hookup sites, you will have to work on this. Some may think that just a couple of hunky pictures will do but if you are a boring or weird person, no one will want to hook up with you! Below, we have outlined our best tips to help you assemble with a good, eye-catching profile that shows off your best side and make your inbox flooded with meetup requests.

1.  Be Unique and Personable On Your Dating Profile

Being unique is important. Your profile will be appealing if you include unique details about yourself. Do not repeat phrases or cliches that have made rounds all over the internet for a decade. A statement such as “I am friendly and nice” is written on 725,921 other profiles. Try to avoid such general statements. They are boring and speak a different message; they say you are such a plain guy. Be detailed, be creative, be personable. Remember, you are a real person behind the profile. Perhaps you like sailing? Go further ahead to tell about your sailing experiences, what inspires you to sail and your favourite places to sail. Your profile will stand out because you are interesting and not “just another gaming guy”.

2.  Be Honest And Don’t Try Too Hard

At the same time, don’t claim to be who you are not. Everyone has their own interesting side to them so do not feel pressured to pretend to be someone you are not. Pretense can fall apart pretty quickly and once the trust is broken, the opportunity is gone. Always say what you really are in your profile. Honesty has a long term benefit because you will get the right person for you. Avoid exaggerations and being boastful, they bring you down on the lucky list. If you go around seeking affirmation by boasting and exaggerating, people will think you are self-centered and proud. As a result, you will be avoided. You will want to come across as a classy guy with sex appeal, not an attention-seeker.

3.  A Good Photograph

Firstly, the photo should not be fake, this is a no-brainer. You won’t get anywhere further with your latest meetup crush once they realized that they have been fooled. Secondly, the photo you set up on your profile will speak volumes. Choose the one that brings out your positive attributes clearly. It should be a photo in which you are the main feature. Avoid the one you took from a distance and you are a small part embedded in the environment. Avoid the photo you took with a contorted face, it’s not that funny. Avoid the one with 5 other people inside. These photos do not bring out the best in you.  Last but not least, use a recent one to avoid raised eyebrows on your first meeting!

4.  A Sense Of Humor

No one likes reading a stern profile that looks like a boring history lecture. Women looks for humor in men’s profiles. Try being a little humorous as you describe yourself and your experiences. It helps a great deal. If you are looking to pull off sexual humour, do so in a naughty way, but steer clear of being totally crude or creepy. The bad boy routine does work but not on everyone. What you need is a profile that gives you the highest hookup conversions across the largest pool of potential targets. Hookup sites is not just about looking like a hot stud and you will be pleasantly surprised at how far a great sense of humour and an attractive personality can take you!

5.  Don’t Sound Desperate or Pushy

Don’t sound desperate on your profile. It is the easiest to kill off potential matches without having the chance to even speak with them. HAVE STANDARDS. Real men who are not desperate have standards. We are out to not just have sex, but also to have fun and a good time with smart, beautiful girls. Once the women knows this and that they are dealing with a classy man, it immediately pushes you one level up against other profiles that are out there just hoping to get lucky with some sex. If you found a guy or girl you are interested in, don’t be pushy! Remember, a lot of members may be new to using hookup sites. Usually, a certain level of trust has to be built before they are willing to take things to the next level, such as meeting up or further intimacy. Read the vibes and make sure you and your interests are comfortable with each other before progressing to the next level. If ever you come off sounding desperate or pushy, this is what scares the girls far, far away.

Now that you know what to do, take these tips and get working on your dating profile! If you are new to hookup sites, check out our reviews on the best hookup sites in 2016 and get started for FREE!

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