Spot Fake Profiles and Date Real Cougars

Start hooking up right – spot fake dating profiles, avoid common scams and date real cougars

Many people are finding love online. In fact, looking for love online has become normal and thanks to the many online hookup sites, you can have numerous options available such as dating cougars. Unfortunately, this is not the happy story everyone has. Many people have also been duped despite thinking that they may have found love. Therefore, be careful when you are on a dating site and below are some ideas on how to spot fake dating profiles.

1.  Inconsistent Dating Profiles

Many scammers have profiles that are barely comprehensible. The bad scammers will have very little information on their profile. Nowadays, scammers are getting more sophisticated and are going to great lengths to create multiple, detailed profiles. However, each “operator” behind a fake profile is running hundreds of other fake profiles. Therefore, during emails or live chats, there is a good chance that the operator will reply a wrong answer to profile-related questions due to confusion tracking so many profiles. If this happens several times, you can be sure that you are dealing with a fake profile and should avoid immediately.

2.  Asking For Money

This is also one simple way to tell between scams and people who are genuinely interested in finding a hookup. A profile that keeps asking for money or different forms of financial assistance is without a doubt a fake, and you should walk away. There are multiple unsavoury syndicates doing this using fake girl profiles. Normally, such people will come up with fake stories of how they are mistreated or ran into unfortunate circumstances. They will then seek monetary assistance and want you help them out. Think carefully – why would someone join a dating site to ask for money? The hot cougar surely will not be doing this.

3.  Erratic Messaging

It is common for people to get messages from potential hookups from the various hookup sites even when you are a free member. However, you should be wary when messages stop the moment you join the site or update your subscription. It may mean that you have fallen for the tricks of unscrupulous hookup sites. It may be hard to believe but there are shady hookup sites where employees turn to messaging people to get them to sign up, and once they do, the messages stop. Therefore, if you come across that, be wise and think carefully when whether you should avoid that site in the future.

4.  No Photo or Fake Photos

On a hookup site, any profile that does not have an image is most likely that of someone who is non-existent or out just to play games. Alternatively, profiles with no pictures or hot model pictures are also highly suspicious. All these are signs of fake dating profiles. Real people have real photos that are not airbrushed or taking by a professional photographer on dating sites. Therefore, stay away from anything that does not look authentic or look too good to be true (because they usually are!).

5.  Spelling and Grammar Fails

If you are looking for someone in your state or country, then it is very easy to spot fakes by looking at their spellings and grammar in whichever languages the majority speaks in. Many of these accounts are full of spelling and grammar mistakes right from the description and this is a dead giveaway. Some mistakes can be so bad that you will find yourself laughing! Therefore, anything with a local dialect misfire is a no go.

Keep your eyes open when you are looking for love on the internet. Avoiding cons is as easy as watching out for these fake dating profile fails on hookup sites. If you play smart, you will find that dating sites are your best friends and not your worst nightmare!

Fake dating profiles are everywhere, just like how Facebook have millions of fake member accounts. In the world of hookups, this can be frustrating because you end up wasting a lot of time, money and effort in the wrong direction. If you want to avoid making these mistakes over different websites, then just jump over to read our Cougar Life review, where you can read about our real-life test on how legit is this MILF dating website and if you can find genuine cougars dating there.

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