Biggest Mistake Men Make on Hookup Sites

So many men make this mistake on hookup sites, you will want to avoid it!

When men join hookup sites, most of them make one huge mistake before they even start: they think that hookup sites are miracle pills.

What Goes On In Their Minds

These men think that buying a fishing rod and casting the line (aka sign up on hookup sites) is equivalent to turning into an expert fisherman. They expect to go out to sea and start hooking up tuna, swordfish and sharks.

But what happens? The line turns up empty each time because they lack the skill and game to pull up a prize.

What do they do? They go around telling people that the shop selling fishing rods is a scam.

92% Of Men On Hookup Sites Are Guys Like This!

Those guys we talked about above, those who think that hookup sites are miracle pills, they make up over 92% of the male members. This means that simply by recognizing this fact and being willing to improve your game, you are already ahead of them by miles.


Ask Yourself These Questions

Be truthful to yourself and ask these questions:

Perhaps you are not able to close the deal easily as these girls may not be out to hookup in the first place, and that is ok. Sometimes, it is the fear of rejection that stops you, rather than a lack of ability. At least you know where you are lacking, and where you need to improve.

Perhaps you are not great at flirting and creating sexual chemistry. This is ok, because your flirting skills can be improved by using the resources available on this site. What is important is that you know what the problem is, and therefore you can work on it.

Now, get out there and just do it! Challenge yourself to face your fears and get out of your comfort zone.

But if you are lacking in even basic conversational skills and you think that joining hookup sites will get you some sex, STOP.

IT WON’T WORK. You are just looking for the miracle pill.

Have Patience And Work On Your Weaknesses

The problem with most members are that they are too IMPATIENT. Nobody finds success in a day or two, not even us.

Take it as an experiment. Stick it out for a couple months and evaluate your performance at each stage of the process. Figure out where you are cockblocking yourself. Once you find a weakness, take steps to rectify it. Learn from all the resources offered here, there are tons of tips and e-books to help you improve.

If you do as above and we promise that you will see your hookup success rates grow EXPONENTIALLY over time.

A Step In The Right Direction

It is true that there are shady sites out there. If you join them, then you truly will not succeed at the hookup game no matter how hard you try.

But if you are not succeeding on the list of 2016 best hookup sites that we have painstakingly found and reviewed for you, then you must stop pointing fingers and start asking yourself why.

Focus on improving yourself and use our guide to hooking up to identify your weaknesses and up your game!

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