Date A Cougar

Date A Cougar

cougar dating

The modern world has brought with it a variety of trends that were rarely in the limelight. Dating an older woman, while not entirely new, is a growing trend nowadays thanks to a much more open and accepting society. You may ask, what is cougar dating really?

To date a cougar is generally understood as dating someone who is older than you are, typically with age differences of over 10 years of more. To some, cougar dating is just another attempt at spicing up their sex life whereas to others, a deep feeling of genuine love is involved.

We have come up with different ways on how to make dating a cougar an easy ride for you, and if you can’t wait to get started with naughty MILFs, check out our Cougar Life review to get started today.

Be Confident

Older women like men who are assertive and confident. Someone who really wants to get it serious with an older woman needs to be assertive. There is no time for shyness or beating around the bush. Be direct and ask the lady out boldly. While you and her are out together, people may sometimes stare or even whisper. Keep your head high and be proud of yourself and your lady partner. Not only does this bring out the confidence in you but also it enhances the sexiness in you.

Treat Her With Respect And Praise Her

When dating a cougar, treat her with respect, regardless of it is a casual hookup or serious dating. Praise her and tell her how sexy and beautiful she is. For starters, do not refer to her as old, a cougar or compare her physical assets with younger girls. She have experience on her side and this is wisdom, sexual or otherwise, waiting to be shared to you. Do not be intimidated by her age or her looks and appreciate all that she has to offer. Just be you and treat her just like you would treat any other special lady.

Patience is Key

When you date a cougar, sometimes patience is key. Older ladies who are into hookups can be surprisingly decisive or even take the first steps in making advances, however there are many times that the lady might prefer being slow in the process. Many times, it is not just about filling a sexual need, but also an emotional one. Part of this patience is getting to learn more about them and get to know what they need and what they don’t, what pleases them and what doesn’t. You will find that even in casual hookups with cougars, taking steps to know her better will elicit higher passion and pleasures.

Most Important Tip When You Date A Cougar: Have Fun!

Remember that most of them are in it for the fun of it and boosting their self esteem. For yourself when you date a cougar, you are also just out to enjoy and have a good time. In similar fashion to younger couples, identifying common interests is key and this enhances the relationship. Spend time together pursuing these interests and enjoy each other’s company. This holds true regardless of whether you this is a casual hookup, a date or a serious relationship.

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