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For us and we are sure, many other guys out there, there is always the fear of rejection when you want to ask girls you like out on dates in-person. For those who just want to get hookups, there is also the potential of being labelled as a creep and lose your reputation. Perhaps that is why so many have turned to online dating or hookup sites to find what they are yearning for.

disappearing act

However, not all online dating is rosy. If you have tried online dating, then you must know of “Houdini”. No, not that the magician, but rather, the disappearing act that happens when the girl you have been chatting to suddenly go POOF! and disappears into thin air. All your messages or emails will suddenly go unanswered, and you will never hear from her again.

If you are a beginner to the online dating scene, be it using hookup sites or more family-oriented sites, then be warned – this is a common occurrence! You will find that at the start, you are logging on to your computer every single day, or even every single hour, just to check whether the girls you message on the dating sites you joined has responded. Sometimes, it was a good and you get some great responses. Other days, just no luck. We all have been through it, so we know how you feel!

If you are hitting this bottleneck on the dating sites or hookup sites, then know this: you gotta up your game. The reason that this is happening is not because you are unlucky, but you are just DOING IT WRONG. Just think about it. If you want to catch small fishes by the pier, go ahead and buy a fishing rod. But you want to get out to the open seas and fish for a living, then you will INVEST in some real, tough fishing nets that catches you sharks and swordfishes. The fishing rod just doesn’t work anymore.


Dating is the same. If you bring the wrong equipment or skills to the table, then you will forever be “unlucky”. Thankfully, there are lots of resources out there to help you with online dating. But which ones should you be trying? We did the hard work for you and did some intensive research. From our research, we rate 3 Girls A Day one of the best online dating e-books out there.

Here are some of the highlights of this highly recommended dating guide:

  • How to write clever profile headlines that grab attention instantly
  • An entire repertoire of conversation starters, funny jokes/routines that you can apply immediately
  • How to know if your profile is accurately portraying your personality and attracting the girls you want to be with (3 key indicators)
  • 4 things you can do to make your profile pictures amazing
  • 4 Things your conversation starter must convey when directed at a super hot girl (8 or above)
  • What to do when a girl doesn’t reply back to your first message
  • What to do when a girl stops replying back mid interaction
  • What to do when a girl goes silent after you asked her out
  • The best way to time your text messages so you’re not coming off needy but you don’t blow opportunities either
  • How to set up the date to lead into a passionate night out
  • How to tell if she is ready for the bedroom

Some stuff you will get if you sign up, which we think are pretty interesting to have:

  • 3 Recorded Phone Conversations: 3 real world phone conversations that you can model after This is a rare peek into the author’s first-hand experience talking to girls on the phone to attract them and meet up.
  • Hot Girl Perspectives Interview: Ever wonder what the girl is thinking about you when you’re talking to her online or on dates? The author gets a hot girl to spill the beans on what online dating is like FROM A GIRL’S PERSPECTIVE. You will learn what she looks for when she’s browsing profiles, what kind of pictures grab her attention, what kind of messages get her interested, the things guys do that TURN HER OFF immediately, what she’s looking for on a date, and so on.
  • 3 Girls A Day Reference Textbook: A Fast Reference Guide With All The Secrets, Lines, And Examples From The Main Course. Quickly glance through the important theories and concepts, as well as the best lines and conversations that I’ve compiled for you. This is basically a cheatsheet for you to get started quickly.

And now for the best part: If you buy this e-book, you are protected by a 60-days MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. This means that you can try the techniques inside for free and only hold on to the purchase if you are satisfied with the results. 

We only look for the best e-books that provide tangible results for our readers. Otherwise, our readers should have the right to demand a refund rather than literally throwing money down the drain! This is therefore literally risk-free for you 🙂

So if you are ready, get started with 3 Girls A Day and apply all the tricks you learnt on the hookup sites that we have found for you!

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