Having a good conversation with your girl is EXTREMELY important to getting her out a second time or to escalate the encounter into something more steamy. While nothing beats having sex for a guy, for girls, a good conversation can be as fulfilling as sex. If you want to get her in bed, don’t be self-centred and only think about yourself. Figure out what turns her on, work on it, and you will see SUCCESS.

We went out trying to figure where our readers can learn how to make great conversations with women in the shortest time possible, and found Rachel right here. Rachel is the author of Conversation King, a guide that teaches men how to attract and seduce women by mastering the art of verbal communication. We like that this book is written by a woman, because nothing gives you a better perspective on what to do than hearing from a woman herself.


We spoke with Rachel and she gave us some free tips, which after testing a couple times, we felt are really solid and useful. With Rachel’s permission, we share one of her best tips below FREE for you.

Ask For Help, Get A Girl (by Rachel Davis)

Alright guys, if you want to meet the ladies, sometimes it helps to get a little extreme. Unique can be a good thing.

Go to a clothing store, like a department store that sells clothes for men and women. Find a spot in the men’s section that’s nearest to the women’s clothes. Look through the racks, grabbing a few things you’d like to try on. When you spot a babe you’d like to meet, make your move.

Go over to her, and say, “Excuse me, but you look like you really know how to dress. I’ve been shopping all day, and I just can’t find anything. You obviously know about clothes, could you give me an opinion?” You can say you’re trying to find something for work, like dressy casual, or just say you’re terrible at picking out clothes and ask her to help you find the right shirts and jeans or suit or whatever it is that you really are interested in buying.

Just pick the type of clothes that you would want to wear with this woman on your first date – if you want to go to a movie, nice jeans and shirt would do, or if you want to impress her with a nice restaurant or the theater, be shopping for this kind of outfit. Because a date is what you’re really going to need the clothes for, but she doesn’t know it yet! So you’ve complimented her taste in clothes – score brownie points! – and you’ve asked her advice – score more points, because women love to give advice!

Women also love to shop, and now they get to help you shop. That’s an offer too good to refuse.So show her what you’ve picked out, ask what she thinks of the styles and colors. Maybe she’ll go and pick some different things from a rack. Then say, “This is so great, would you mind if I tried these on so you could tell me what you think?” Women love that, too! Why do you think they go to stores in groups? They want to try on clothes and they want to help their friends pick stuff out, too. It’s like 2-for-1 shopping, a double fix!

So once she settles on what you look best in, thank her. “Thanks so much, I really appreciate it. I mean it, you’ve really helped me a lot. Let me make it up to you. How about dinner next week? Come on, you already know I’ve got something decent to wear.”She’ll be flattered and laughing at your joke. And she’ll be thrilled she found a man who let her pick out his clothes! You’re in, and you won’t have the added stress of figuring out what to wear on the first date! This is a 2-for-1 special for you, too!

Our Opinion: Useful Tip!

We really like this tip and even tried it ourselves. The above tip is for a direct pickup but honestly, after you brushed up your game, sometimes direct pickups can be really exciting (we love it, the excitment and the adrenaline is great fun!). Otherwise, we can easily see how you can utilize this “ask for help, get a girl” theory in almost everything, including getting your girl out from the hookup site and into a real-life meeting.

In fact, we use this “ask for help” tactic often to show a little bit of vulnerability, make girls feel good about themselves, feel more comfortable with us and give them the perfect reason to start hanging out together. This gives us the chance to escalate the date with the girl into something more… passionate 😉

Interested To Learn More From Rachel?

If you find this free tip interesting, then you will be EXCITED to know that Rachel shares her best advice on taking control of various different scenarios such as at a park, at a laundromat etc, in addition to very specific tips on how you can pull off great conversations in these scenarios and get the girl wanting more.

Rachel is so sure that her advice is absolutely going to work and change your life, that she offered a 60-DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE to our readers. Talk about confidence.

To learn more about exactly how to talk to women and what to say, check out Rachel’s book here: