Most men suffer from a lack of confidence, and if you are reading this then most likely, you have that problem too. Sorry that we had to say it out so directly, but as with all problems, unless you acknowledge it and face it down directly, you will never solve it. And if you leave it be, you will always suffer from the same issue for the rest of your life: not knowing how to meet with beautiful women, flirt with them and make them want you.

Remember those times in the club? U see that girl walking up. She’s not even a perfect 10, just a 7 maybe. It will be easy to chat her up, you thought. You start pumping yourself up mentally, readying the pickup line you had rehearsed inside yourself for the past 2 hours and… picked up your drink, looked away and decidedly to “play it cool”. She’s just not good enough, you reasoned. You should have saved it up for the perfect 10 that comes over later. No bro. You are just making excuses. You are just afraid of getting rejected. Likely, you had ended that night empty-handed. Again.

Hookup Sites + Smart Flirting = Sex

Look, let’s face it. Hookup sites are great, because it gets you into the door, past the introduction phase and even if you get rejected, the fact that it is not in your face will probably lessen the blow significantly. But here’s the truth you must know: if you can’t flirt, then even if you can get the girl out on a date, you will not be able to close the deal.

Flirting is essential for you to build sexual tension before you make the ask.


As always, we are actively looking out for resources that can help our readers raise their game and make their own breakthroughs. These breakthroughs are extremely important in our opinion, because it is always the first time that is difficult. Once you cleared the barrier and realized how easy it is to go from a hookup to a romp in bed, it will stay with you forever.

Flirting Formula is a great e-book we found that we believe will add value to our readers. This book is probably an overkill for you because among other things, it shows you how to make cold approaches to women, so that you break past the women’s “creep defence”. You can try this on your own outside if you wish of course, direct approaches are always fun (we love it!) and testing this out a few times can improve your game substantially even if you fail. But for our fellow men who are a little more shy, thanks to hookup sites, we have already moved past this.

Our Opinion: How Flirting Formual Can Help Your Game

Beyong cold approaches, the value Flirting Formula adds for you when hooking up via hookup sites is still pretty substantial. Some of the key lessons it teaches you includes:

  • How to make women laugh and smile and want you bad
  • When to act like a gentleman… and when you should be a “bad boy”
  • Ways to bring in intimate ideas and build sexual tension while talking with your girl
  • Games you can play with your girl to flirt with her and add a sexual charge to the atmosphere
  • How to touch her, and get her to touch you

We believe that the above is the most useful lessons you can pick up from Flirting Formula. Specifically, we can promise you that games are one of the best ways to add sexual tension and charge things up for you and your girl. Games allow you to add in all sorts of stuff, such as using the game as an excuse for close body contact and touches, or hugs and kisses as rewards for winning the game. This is truly limited by your imagination.

One of our guys got his date to go around for the rest of the day without her bra and panties as a dare after losing a game. He then took her home for one of his most memorable, wildest night out ever 😉


Here’s what you can do. You can try out the Flirting Formula RISK-FREE. Michael Anderson, the author, has promised a 56-DAYS FREE TRIAL. If at any time during these 56 days, you feel that Flirting Formula did not improve your game, Michael will refund you 100% of the cost, no questions asked. In his own words – You either attract the women you’ve always wanted or you get your money back!

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