Two disorders which plague men of all ages today are Impotence and premature ejaculation. Don’t get these two confused. Impotence means that a man is incapable of generating an erection. Premature ejaculation is caused when a man is incapable of lasting and ejaculating earlier than intended. So if you are looking for a solution to premature ejaculation, you should head over to this page instead.


Impotence in men is due to decreased blood flow in the genital areas. Impotence is commonly referred as Erectile Dysfunction (ED for short). While there may be physical causes such as blood vessel blockages, such issues are typically rare. Rather, most cases of impotency are psychological and driven by stress, tension and other mental and emotional problems which make the man lose confidence and focus during sexual intercourse. This is also widely known as Performance Anxiety.

Men suffering from performance anxiety will find that they are able to get erections when they are alone or even before sex. However, when it comes to performance time, the penis goes limp and the man is unable to achieve an erection. If you find that you are having such issues, then you are suffering from psychological impotence, because you are able to achieve an erection physically, but only lose it when you feel stressed or pressured.

Once again, as you might have already realized from our advice in every article regarding sexual performance – pills, medicines and synthetic treatments are a no-no! Do not take pills as over the long-term, you are risking your physical health. In addition, you will also develop a psychological dependence on the drug and find that you are no longer able to achieve erections without them. However, if you are suffering from physical impotence – meaning you are unable to achieve an erection even when fully aroused, then you definitely need to see a sexual health doctor for his specialized help and advice.

Review: Mental Impotence Healer Program

We find that the Mental Impotence Healer Program is one of the most comprehensive programs out there that deals with Erectile Dysfunction in a scientific manner. The website also provides extremely clear information to help you identify the symptoms and understand the root causes of ED, so that you can start by assessing your own condition.

Major Symptoms Of Psychological Impotence:

  • You avoid sex
  • You have a fear of having sex
  • You lack confidence in the bedroom
  • You doubt your sexual performance
  • You take a long time to get an erection
  • You feel stress leading up to the moment
  • You lose your erection in stressful situations

Primary Causes of Psychological Impotence

  • Long periods without having sex
  • A general lack of sexual experience
  • Self doubt about your sexual performance
  • First time having sex (with a new partner, or in general)
  • Comparing yourself to porn stars
  • Not being attracted to your partner
  • Your partner has a bad smell or poor hygiene
  • Communication problems with your partner (common for guys in relationships)

Solution: Guided Imagery

The Mental Impotence Healer Program uses Guided Imagery to help men overcome erectile dysfunction. This is a tried and trusted method that has been used for over a decade. In fact, the first studies on using Guided Imagery was already done way back Professor K. Kuruvilla back in 1984. In his research, he found that 70% of men treated with Guided Imagery and sexual re-education succeeded in overcoming their mental impotence, and were able to get erection whenever they wanted to. 

Perhaps by now, your interest in Guided Imagery has been aroused. Guided Imagery is nothing complex – it is a therapeutic technique in which you listen to instructions given in a specific, descriptive language, intended to make you imagine a scenario to help your body overcome psychological and physical problems.

These instructions are heard with your alpha and theta brainwaves through background music that puts your mind in a deeply relaxed state. In this state, physical and behavioral changes can be achieved. Your mind and body can be rewired through a potent combination of powerful words, Guided Imagery and brain wave music.

Final Thoughts

Given the extensive medical research and highly promising results of Guided Imagery as a solution for erectile dysfunction, we believe that this can truly make a change for our readers who need that little bit of help to stand up.

There is a domino effect to mental impotence. After losing your erection once, most men become more anxious, which results in even more erection problems. However, the reverse is also true. Once you gain that confidence of being able to go fully erect when you want it, you will feel liberated and feel that you can conquer the world. This will work absolutely wonders for your self-confidence and future sexual performances.

The good thing about Guided Imagery is that it is 100% natural and NO negative effects have been reported. It helps the majority of people overcome their anxiety, and the remaining 30% that did not see results are no worse for wear. Throw this in with the authors 100% money-back guarantee, and you looking at a risk-free venture. If you happened to be part of the 30% that the program does not work for, you can get a full refund with no questions asked.

If you are ready to make a difference for yourself and bring the confidence back in you, you can sign up for the Mental Impotence Healer Program below: