If you are a woman reading this, you probably won’t understand why men want to increase penis size and you will insist that size doesn’t matter but we all know that it does. Some of you may even argue that a larger penis does not guarantee a good time in bed and that skill matters more (both matters, actually!) but we all know that it does.

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If you are a man reading this, then you can imagine exactly how you will feel like knowing that you have a large penis to satisfy all the hot, sexy girls you meet. Even if they haven’t seen it yet, you know you can give them a good time and this is like confidence on steroids for you. If you are just somewhat lacking in the size department, then you know that you have to increase your penis size because when your friends compare their sizes (it always happens…), you always feel too ashamed to tell them that yours is less than 6 inches long.

This is when you will turn to the internet for help and there will be a TON of information out there telling you to either go under the knife or use certain products like penis pumps. Regardless of what they say, nothing beats penis enlargement the NATURAL (AND SAFER) WAY.

Increase Penis Size: Benefits


The first is increased self confidence. Nothing beats a shot of confidence than KNOWING deep down inside you have the penis to pleasure them all. This is pure, intrinsic confidence and this confidence will radiate outwards to add on to the other parts of your overall game. Be it hookup sites or trying to score a more serious relationship, this confidence WILL help.

Your performance in the bedroom will get better because your libido will get stronger when you increase penis size. You will be able to increase the length of your penis as well as add to the overall girth of your member. This means that the circumference will get larger and hence, your girls will love you even more! Nothing will be able to get you down (pun intended) and you will realize that everything will fall into place on its own.

This is what you should expect when you increase penis size. If you are wondering what a small penis size means exactly, it can mean that the length of your penis is less than 6 inches which means that the girth is less than 6.5 inches. If you work on increasing penis size, your penis length will ideally be 8 inches and above and the girth, at least 9 inches. Now, isn’t this a happy thought (for both you and the girls!)?

Won’t The Products in the Market Help to Increase Penis Size?


First off, before we get any further, IF YOU ARE CONTEMPLATING SURGERY, PLEASE, NO. Look, the penis is a delicate creature and unless you are smaller than 2 inches long when fully erected, NEVER DO ANYTHING DRASTIC OR RISKY TO YOUR BEST BUDDY.

We have never been much for products and for anything that involves taking pills, rubbing magic oil or handling your penis with too much force. Pills is a definite no-no as it messes with the hormones and you can never be sure whether there will be any side effects from such changes. Rubbing magic oil… we strongly recommend against it. One of our guys tried it once from a trusted source (no more, apparently), and he ended up with a skin allergy and a terrible itch for a couple months. Can you imagine walking around with a dreadful itch in your pants? Ha! We have heard varied opinions on penis pumps and extenders but haven’t used them. Therefore, we won’t give any recommendations but ultimately, remember that these pumps and extenders involves a not-so-delicate handling of your penis and you will have to figure if that is something you are comfortable with.

Increasing Penis Size with Biochemical Penis Enlargement

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The entire concept of penis enlargement came about when scientists decided to create a product for those men who had micro penises which basically means that their penises were about an inch long. They created pills and supplements for them and they worked for a while but after a while, they stopped showing results. That’s when they realized that there should be another form of treatment that they could look into.

The scientific theory of biochemical penis enlargement is a new one that talks about penis growth that begins during puberty and stops after a certain stage. This is because there is a chain of nutrients and biochemicals in the body that makes sure that these changes take place but after a certain point, some biochemicals or nutrients are removed which is when the boy becomes post-pubescent.

With the help of biochemical penis enlargement, these nutrients can be made active once again and hence, you can increase penis size in the right manner. The best thing about this is this is that the method is 100% NATURAL. It involves teaching you how to take control of your body and how to provide it with the resources that spurs growth of these biochemical and nutrients.

Can I Increase Penis Size Using This Method?

The answer is yes – you can increase penis size – and the great thing about biochemical penis enlargement is that it works alongside other bodily functions so that it can lead to growth in a natural and safe manner. Just like a swimmer needs to make sure that his muscles aren’t cramped and that he is good shape before a tournament, a similar theory applies for penis enlargement. You can do what you want and use every external resource available in the market but you will not see results until and unless you make sure that your internals work in conjunctions with the external resources!

So as long as you do everything that is necessary, biochemical penis enlargement will work for you to increase penis size. You can do some exercises and use weights and pumps after the treatment is over but keep in mind that they can be quite dangerous so until and unless you have a medical professional helping you, don’t do it!

Starting with biological penis enlargement, which is absolutely safe, is the most logical option. You shouldn’t waste your time using any unproven products or putting your body under the stress of weights and pumps when you know that this concept will work wonders for you and help you to dramatically increase penis size.

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