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GetItOn has over 31 million members in their network, which we find is pretty good. Although smaller than AdultFriendFinder and, this is still one of the largest hookup sites around.

We like how easy the profile set up is. A couple minutes is all it took to fill up the short questionnaire. What is interesting about GetItOn is that it has a sexual compatibility survey. It matches you based on your ideal matches and what kind of relationships you are interested in pursuing.

This compatibility score provides you with a percentage that points to how well members are expected to get along. Take it with a pinch of salt because algorithms can never replace your own judgement. However, it does help you to filter matches faster. We therefore use this to increase our efficiency by cutting off the really low compatibility scores – there are plenty of women around so it helps you target the right profiles for the highest hookup chances.

GetItOn has a clean, nice design with a solid set of search and filter functions. It provides live webcams, profile videos, chat and email features. A free membership allows you to sign up, check out user profiles and contact up to ten of your “Cupid” matches. The sexual compatibility survey is available for free members, so you can register for free just to try it out.

Profile Quality:

If you are thinking of fake members profile, then you have to be aware that all dating and hookup sites have them. So our benchmark is always whether a dating site has a high or low proportion of fake profiles in their network. From our experience, we feel that GetItOn has a decent proportion of legit profiles, although our consensus is that there are more fake profiles than our top recommended sites AdultFriendFinder and We feel that this borderlines on acceptable for us (just barely).

Quality Test:

We ran a quality test on GetItOn with 2 of our guys. Over 3 months (and 1 free month) on a full membership, as usual we send out at least 2 messages a day, leading to a total of 498 messages sent. Our benchmark of a top hookup site is to receive 50% response rate. From this 498 messages, we received 211 responses (42.4%). We feel that this falls somewhat short of our expectations.

The next thing we do is to convert these responses into actual dates. From our 211 responses, we managed to get 54 women to agree to at least a first date (with some willing to go further). We turned up for 27. On these numbers, we are looking at an overall conversion rate of barely over 10%. We think that a decent, but not fantastic, hookup site should convert at least 10% – so GetItOn just edged over the passing line for our test.


You can use the link below to start with a free GetItOn account and only sign up for the subscription if you want to get more value out of the website.

As with many dating sites, you get discounts based on the length of your subscription term:

  • 1 Month Subscription is $18.99
  • 3 Month Subscription comes with a free month, which effectively works out to $9.99 per month
  • 12 Month Subscription comes with 6 months free, which effectively works out to $5.99 per month is definitely one of the cheaper sites for a full subscription sign-up. We think that the 3 months’ subscription is the best value as it comes with a free month. You can use this to try GetItOn’s features for a very low fee to see if it works for you.

GetItOn didn’t work so well for us so we wouldn’t recommend taking anything that is too long-term until you try it out. If you are able to get some reasonable success on this site, then you can consider taking on a 12+6 months’ subscription. Otherwise, you won’t be stuck and can switch over to trying our top recommended sites instead.

Note: While we try out best to keep the subscription prices and terms up to date, the actual pricings and terms are subject to GetItOn’s discretion and you should always confirm the latest subscription rates and promotions directly on GetItOn’s website.

Hookup Score for GetItOn Review:

We find that GetItOn provides a decent service in general for finding casual hookups. It definitely has the cheapest paid membership subscription around and ideal for those on a budget. GetItOn is a legit hookup site, although we are not too pleased with the profile quality and responsiveness of members on the site. This means you will likely need a bit more patience on this site. As they say, you pay for what you get.

We still prefer AdultFriendFinder and, you can read our hookup sites comparison here to understand why they are the best value for money. If you are still considering GetItOn, just get started with a free account below and check things out for yourself. We conclude our GetItOn review with a Hookup Score of 4.1 stars.

Try GetItOn for yourself. Registration is FREE.

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