Hookup Site Reviews

Best Hookup Sites 2017

Best Hookup Sites 2017 – Who takes the cake? We have done detailed reviews and research on the top hookup sites that we have tried so far and get ready to see more coming! Many readers have request for us to compare and look at the pros and ...Read More

The Hookup Funnel

Using a funnel approach to find hookup sites success You know in marketing they have this thing called the sales funnel? What makes you think dating on hookup sites is any different? Welcome to the Hookup Funnel! We are sharing the funnel that we used ourselves to help ...Read More

3 Steps To Closing The Deal

Close the deal with a sweet hookup with these simple steps Now that you have successfully got your hookup’s number, there is still half the battle to fight. Remember! Until you and her are naked in bed, always stay on top of your game. Never crack ...Read More