The Hookup Funnel

Using a funnel approach to find hookup sites success

You know in marketing they have this thing called the sales funnel? What makes you think dating on hookup sites is any different?

Welcome to the Hookup Funnel! We are sharing the funnel that we used ourselves to help you break down the typical hookup process. As engineers, we believe in using a structured, systematic approach – this hookup funnel is developed to help you understand the hookup game from a high level perspective, help you identify areas of inefficiencies and finally, to zoom in and fix your power game.

Note that if you are an old hand in the game or you get lucky, some of these steps can be skipped. But from our personal experiences, most hookups go through the process below:

The Hookup Funnel

how you can hook up with girls

There are a few things you will need to know about the Hookup Funnel:

Identifying Bottlenecks

Each of the points listed above is a bottleneck that can potentially cockblock you from getting your what you want. Why are these points bottlenecks? This is because you are either required to demonstrate value or you are asking for something.

Example 1: A girl only responds to your message if your opener intrigues her and she likes your profile.

Example 2: A good text game and flirting game usually needs you to demonstrate confidence, humour and boldness.

Example 3: If you want to get her phone number or get her to come out on a date, you will need to ask, and the only reason why she will want to give is that she enjoys your interactions.

There is a high tendency for things to go wrong when required to demonstrate value or asking for something. These are usually miscommunications, mis-reading of tonal and body language, excess anxiety by the man or cold feet by the woman.

Multiple Bottlenecks!

If you look at the funnel, you will realize that there are more bottlenecks than a simple ‘pick-her-up-at-the-bar’ encounter. This is because you start from behind the screen, rather than in person. Thus, more steps are required to get to the bottom part of the funnel.

However, this does not mean that you are at a disadvantage. In fact, online hookups are more efficient. You are able to work on multiple women at once, e.g. send messages to 20 ladies in one day which will require just one hour of your time. In contrast, a face-to-face pick-up is limited by physical constraints and can only be done one woman at a time.

Playing The Game

Now that you know what areas are the bottlenecks, you will need to start thinking and figuring out which areas are you not as strong at and work on it. Remember, hookup sites are not miracle pills, and just being on a hookup site does not mean that you can be successful at hooking up.

Focus on strengthening that area and you will be surprised at how smooth things will suddenly become. Finding out the issues you are having and unlocking a bottleneck at any stage of the funnel can easily improve your hookup success by over 130%!

Smart players will pull off an all-round game to maximize their conversions. The best way to maximize your conversions is to develop a system. A well-developed system consists of message templates, text templates, humour that is proven to work and being able to spot specific timings in which the woman has the lowest resistance when you make your ask. Most importantly, the system has to be repeatable so that you can rinse and repeat SUCCESS.

One Sexual Encounter Is NOT The End Goal

One thing that many guys want from hookup sites is to get a one-night stand. That’s fine, but that is also short-sighted. Your aim is not to get one night of sex. Your mission is to find that great girl to have sex with and you can continue to go out with her over and over again. 

The benefits of achieving this is that (a) you will not need to go through that entire funnel again and (b) its always better to have a great time with someone you already know than to disappoint yourself if the latest encounter didn’t turn out well.

How do you make her happy? The most important point is to focus on giving her an unforgettable and pleasurable experience. This can be done without having the largest man prick or unlimited sexual stamina, although some minimum standards need to be in place. An unforgettable experience means that rather than focusing on getting her to pleasure you, take the time and effort out to pleasure her. Stimulate her erogenous areas, give her mind-blowing fellatio and use your man stick to bring her to heaven and back. Too many men are just so fixated at making themselves feel good, usually at the expense of the woman’s enjoyment. Never make this mistake.

If you are able to give her a great experience, she will be hooked and you will be number one on her to-call list every time she wants a passionate night out.

Get Out There And Work On It

Now that you know how the hookup funnel works, which area(s) do you think you should be focusing on? Let us know if we can help. You can contact us at [email protected]. You can also head over to the e-books section and see if any of our recommended reads or programs can help to brush up your game.

Can’t wait to get going? These are the best hookup sites for 2016, which are our top recommendations on which are the legit sites that give you the best hoookups. Get out there and start getting laid!

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