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About Us


We are a bunch of normal guys who got pissed with a lack of women in our lives and decided to do something about it.

In alphabetical order:


Fabian works as in accounting at an F500 company. He loves pizza and beer (who doesn’t?). Fabian loves playing the guitar and older women for their sophistication.


Jake’s our home boy here. He is a developer at a Series A startup. He loves music and buys crazy expensive audio gear. Jake digs Asian girls and for good reason!


Jason is the water sports dude in the group. He surfs, wakeboards and sails. You will be shocked to know that he had no girlfriend until 24. Who says being sporty gets all the girls? That said, Jason has now transformed into our top dog after raising his game tremendously.


Michael hit payload by landing an investment banking gig out of college. We envied him for the massive paycheck, before we start pitying him for the merciless work hours. Michael has moved to Shanghai a year back. we wish him all the best. We can’t wait to hear Michael’s experience with Asian dating sites.


Roy works in sales at the same Series A startup as Jake. He now spends more time chasing business deals than girls. Amen.


This is not William. This is what William wants to be. But he insisted that he will only show his picture until he achieves his goal of 6-pack abs. Looking at his progress, we believe that this picture will be here for eternity and beyond.


Zack works in the pharmaceutical industry as a biochemist. Zack is one of our main men behind this website. He is involved in most of the article writing as well as the collating the extensive research from our accounts that allow us to post such great, in-depth reviews.