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Best Hookup Sites 2023 |

We have done detailed reviews and research on the top hookup sites that we have tried so far and get ready to see more coming! Many readers have request for us to compare and look at the pros and cons of these hookup sites. As 2023 draws to a close, we look forward to a new year ahead and where are the best websites you can find casual sex partners. This post is updated to share with you which are the best hookup sites 2023.

Summaries of our reviews below will help you understand and compare on our best hookup sites recommendations. Each of the casual hookup sites that we recommend have their own unique positioning and offers different experiences for their members.

We strongly recommend that you read our detailed reviews and our hookup success guide to increase your chances of scoring on the hookup sites.

Best Hookup Sites 2023 Recommendations

AdultFriendFinder Review


  • AdultFriendFinder has the largest membership network (over 66 million)
  • Hookup site with a wide member base which allows you to approach single girls from various nationalities, cougars, swingers and couples, so pretty much everything goes
  • It has an extensive but easy to use search function that allows you to target specific segments of this 66 million network whom you are interested in
  • High response rates from the girls on the site and our guys have hooked up at a high success rate
  • Comes with free membership if you sign up today!


  • We find that the quality of members can vary widely, likely due to the large network. If you are lucky, you meet a gem but you should not expect this to be the norm
  • AdultFriendFinder is one of our top hookup sites 2023 recommendation!

Read our comprehensive AdultFriendFinder review to see if it is the right hookup site for you. Review


  • Huge network of over 50 million members
  • Great site which covers all segments so you can almost find any type of woman you like
  • Better quality of profiles compared to AdultFriendFinder. We feel that women on puts in more effort to come across as more stylish and classy
  • Really good response rates! Check out our tried and test review (link below)
  • Gold Member Guarantee promise that if you do not hookup within 3 months, you will receive additional 3 months membership for free
  • Free AdultFriendFinder membership if you sign up now


  • We find hookups on takes more effort than AdultFriendFinder. This may be because the women on are more demanding in terms of their match. We feel that they spend more effort to scutinize the man before agreeing to anything. This is a little bit of the Quality ( vs Quantity (AdultFriendFinder) tradeoff, which you need to decide which works best for yourself
  • is one of our best hookup sites 2023 recommendation!

Read our comprehensive review and sign up only if you like what you see.

CougarLife Review


  • Solid size network of 8 million members (big for a niche dating site)
  • We like the user interface using a combination of chat rooms, forums and mobile apps to facilitate interactions
  • Awesome response and hookup rates – older women have less tendency to beat around the bush
  • Great if you know what you want, which is dating cougars


  • Covers only a specific niche, rather than being a generic site which can provide more options, so this is really for men who know what they want
  • Diverse profile quality – Some cougars are really well-maintained and still look really hot at their age, but you should not expect this to be the norm. Do not have sky-high expectations of bright eyes, svelte bodies and smooth, flawless skin and you will be fine
  • If you are into MILFs, CougarLife is our best hookup site recommendation for 2023!

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GetItOn Review


  • Pretty decent network size of over 30 million members
  • We like the user interface using a combination of chat rooms, forums and mobile apps to facilitate interactions
  • Interesting sexual compatibility survey function to help in filtering and finding potential hookup targets
  • One of the cheapest hookup sites to get a full membership subscription, if you are on a budget


  • Quality of members’ profiles not as good as
  • Response rates are fairly lukewarm, we are a little disappointed on this. Efforts may not necessarily translate into returns on GetItOn

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Sometimes it is not enough to show just the top hookup sites. It is also important for you to know which sites you should avoid, if you do not want to waste money and efforts in the wrong direction!

PlentyOfFish Review


  • Huge size network of 90 million members


  • Big network does not equate quality
  • Website is not attractive and the search / meet functions are not up to mark
  • We were shocked to meet some rude and arrogant members on this site
  • Poor user experience
  • Disappointing response rates, much lower compared to any of the sites listed above

eHarmony Review



  • Low quality with small network
  • Incredibly high number of consumer complaints compared to all other dating sites
  • Inefficient ‘matching’ process making a lot of useful hookup tactics irrelevant
  • Most girls are out for a long game, not a short term hook up
  • Expensive membership with poor value

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Which hookup site have you scored on in 2023? Did our 2023 list work for you, and are you ready to get frisky with our 2023 top hookup recommendations list?

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Updated on 2 Dec 2023