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eHarmony Review |


eHarmony is an online dating website that matches single men and women for long-term relationships with over 30 million members. This is a pretty small network considering that it is a G rated website catering to mainstream dating. If you are looking for only casual hookup sites, eHarmony is definitely NOT what you should be using.

eHarmony works differently from many dating services as we know it. While many sites allow you to contact and interact users directly, eHarmony forces the user to fill out an extensive questionnaire when joining the site. eHarmony then creates ‘matches’ for you based on the answers in your personality test.

We think that such a service is not desirable at all – as a user you are not empowered in your dating game. There is no way machine algorithms can determine what kind of girls you like – dating is an art, not a science. The chances of lousy matches turning up is probably pretty high and likely, you will end up squandering your subscription while waiting and hoping for the right matches to happen.

One thing that had came to our attention is that eHarmony has drawn an incredible high number of public complaints by consumers, with comments by over 1,500 users who gave eHarmony an average of 1 star over 5. In contrast, all the other sites, be it mainstream dating or casual hookup site, have less than 100 such comments. This extraordinarily high customer dissatisfaction is really sounding alarm bells for us as to the quality of services eHarmony provides.

Profile Quality:

We are unable to comment on this given that we did not purchase a subscription to try eHarmony.

Hookup Quality Test

Do not expect to find hookups on eHarmony. We know even without a subscription.


eHarmony offers a premium paid option, but we do not recommend that you take it up even if you are keen to pursue both casual and long-term dating, taking into consideration the unreliable matching model and the very public disappointment in its service. Even among mainstream, G rated dating websites, eHarmony is on the pricey end.

Summary for eHarmony Review:

We understand that some of our readers want to explore both casual dating and long-term dating at the same time. Regardless whether you are looking to take on subscriptions in casual hookup sites and / or mainstream long-term dating sites, we strongly do not recommend eHarmony. Instead, or recommendation for a mainstream long-term dating site is This website offers a much more reliable dating service and we understand from a couple other friends who tried it that things had worked out really well and they are now in a happy, fulfilling and harmonious relationship with a significant other. We conclude our eHarmony review with a Hookup Score of 0.9 stars.