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Hooking up with girls – it's all about confidence!

I don’t have money / status / a hot bod, that’s why girls never liked me.

Have you ever been guilty of saying this? Well, bro, then no more excuses! The real reason why you are not succeeding in the game is because you lack CONFIDENCE.

Don’t believe us? Check out the video below. Jason dressed up in a fat suit to pick girls up. You will be stunned to see the results! Stop putting yourself down today, and get that swag back!

Bring Out the Confidence In You and Get Started

We hope that after watching the video, you now realize that it is truly confidence that will get you the girls. Money, status and washboard abs may help, but these are not the real deal. A real man’s confidence is irresistible.

This experiment makes hookup sites an incredibly useful channel for men looking for more casual encounters. If you are still hesitant to approach girls live in person, hookup sites gives you the opportunity to start interacting with girls via an electronic medium.

The best part is that these girls are also out looking for hookups (why else would they join AdultFriendFinder or, so you will not end up wasting time picking up girls who are not interested.

Impress your girl over text and messages with your cool confidence and magnetic personality, then get her out on a a date. Once you create a favourable impression, this “halo” will stick with you when you meet her in person – this is already half the battle won. The next step is really for you to create sexual tension to get her heated up for some hot, steamy action. You can use our dating hookup funnel to identify what are your weaknesses and avoid dating mistakes.

When you ooze confidence and had already built up a favourable image with your girl, it is like heading into a basketball game with a 20 points lead. You can still blow it, but you got to be screwing things up pretty badly to do so!

If you are ready to join the hookup game, check out our review of the best hookup sites 2023 to decide which of our top recommended hookup sites work the best for you!