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How To Make A Girl Wet |

How to make a girl wet? Making a girl wet and horny is obviously the first step to hooking up with her. Without the sexual chemistry, there is no chance a girl will want to get in bed with you.

So in order to get girls horny, you must know EXACTLY what to do when you are out with a girl you are attracted to. Put it simply, it is a series of steps to escalate physical intimacy and planting sexual desires into her.

We share with you the steps below that you can use to ramp up sexual tension with your girl. This takes practice, so the more you try, the more hookup success you can get!

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Step 1: Get in close with her

If you are out with a girl you want to hook up with, find an excuse to sit close to her. Take out your phone to show her funny memes, a hilarious video that you came across or tell her funny stories and jokes. Basically, anything that can catch her interest and attention.

This is the first step to making a girl horny, because only when she is in a heightened emotional mood, she will allow you to carry on the sexual escalation.

When you sit next to her, make sure you are close and your arms are *almost* brushing each other. Almost is important because you want to start with light touches. Heavy touching will make you come off as a creep. If you are too impatient, you may end up raising her guard.

Step 2: Make her feel special

Women love to, and need to, feel special. When you sit with her, make sure you give her all your attention. That means you don’t stare that that cute girl walked past. That means your eyes don’t follow that perky ass that just passed your table.

You have to let her feel special, and nothing says that more than simply paying attention to her. Too many guys make this mistake and lose the deal. Don’t be the same! If you want to make a girl wet, you need to be focused and patient.

 Step 3: “Accidental” contact (this makes her horny)

Now as you talk to her and listen to her, just lean in close so that your arms “accidentally” brush against each other. Continue to capture her attention with whatever you are talking about or the comedy video you are watching. She should start feeling the sexual tension and should be starting to get moist below.

Doing all these allow you to initiate the first bit of teasing, grazing body contact that gets her pulse quicker. The exciting conversation/ video keeps her occupied while giving you the opportunity to make her comfortable to your touch. This is incredibly important.

Step 4: Discreet compliments

Once you and her get comfortable with the first initial body contact, its time to turn up the tension with some discreet compliments. Discreet compliments can be “oh, you smell great!” or just looking at her in the eyes, smile and say “has anyone ever said that you have the most beautiful eyes ever?”

It is important now to see how she reacts to these compliments. If she laughs, looks shy or try to hold back her smile, you know that she is into you. At this point, she is without doubt getting wet for you.

Step 5: Time for flirty talk

Now that you know that she has good feelings for you, it’s time to raise some temperatures! Begin with some discreet flirty lines, an example is “Where’s your favourite place to get kissed?”

After that, you can escalate into more sexual lines like “What’s your sexual fantasy which you have always wanted to try, but haven’t had the chance?”

For maximum effect, whisper the sexual lines into her ear. To make a girl wet, you want to get her to start imagining her deepest sexual desires when she is right there with you. Once she is overwhelmed with horny thoughts, she will want you to be the person to fulfill them for her.

Step 6: Escalate physical intimacy (your girl will be really wet now)

Now, you can start getting physical. You can tease her with playful moves like whispering into her ear “Do you like it if I…” trail off, kiss her neck playfully and then whisper “…kiss your neck?”

Your goal her is to escalate up to kissing on the lips and also kissing on her sensitive, sexually simulating areas which are typically the neck and ears.

If you are in a discreet place, you will want to get start with areas like lips, neck and ear, and once she is getting excited, start multi-tasking with massaging her boobs and then lastly, making a smooth slide with your hand into her pants and slowly going in circular motions over her pleasure points.

You want to get reactions on what turns her on the most, what gets her feeling horny. Here’s a nice list of 50 ways to turn a girl on, remember that you should play it according to the situation, atmosphere and environment. The good thing is, if you do something she likes, her reaction of pleasure will be obvious. Do it right, she should be getting soaking wet for you by now!

Step 7: Ask her back!

Yes! The whole point of getting her horny and wet is to hook up with her, isn’t it? You don’t just want to get her wet, you want to bed her for a great night of sex and pleasures. This can only be done after you have achieved comfortable physical intimacy. Asking in the right manner will substantially increase your chances of bringing her back.

For girls who are more shy, asking her back to have some drinks or snuggle together for a movie will allow her to say yes more easily. For girls who are bolder and primed for the hookup, you can be more straightforward, but you can choose depending on the situation.

Do girls know that you are bringing them back for sex and a night of fun? Of course they do! But they do not want to be treated like a mere sex object or an overnight hookup, so making it sound like it’s a continuation of your date will help you score much more easily.

Where To Find Girls To Hookup With?

Now that you know how to make a girl wet, you have to put it to use! Go out there and try it on girls you meet, whether it is in the bar or online.

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Just 3 simple steps to getting the swinging lifestyle you are lusting:

  1. Get a girl in the bars/online,
  2. Make her wet and horny,
  3. Bring her home.

That’s all you need to do!

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Updated on 1 Dec 2022