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PlentyOfFish Review |


We have heard quite a bit about PlentyOfFish and for the benefit of our readers, we have decided to do a PlentyOfFish review to see how it stacks up against our recommended hookup sites., also widely known as POF, is a online dating site that allows you to message other users to set up casual dates. PlentyOfFish claims 90 million registered members, which is huge. However, a large network size does not seem indicative of quality.

POF has unfortunately received significant negative feedback from its members. A key complaint is that the singles matching algorithm is not good enough. The quizzes on POF are not required to be filled up, which means the PlentyOfFish has no reliable method of singles matching based on common interests, like or dislikes. For us, our key grouse is that the search function is not robust as members’ profiles are not detailed and does not give us the matches we seek.

PlentyOfFish offers premium services if you upgrade to become a paid member, such as seeing when a user profile was viewed, and allowing users to see whether a message has been read and/or deleted. While some people may like knowing if your message is read/ deleted, we feel that this tends a little towards stalking and we don’t really like this function. If a woman is not replying, leave her be. There’s still… plenty of fish out there.

Profile Quality:

If you are thinking of fake members profile, then you have to be aware that all dating and hookup sites have them. So our benchmark is always whether a dating site has a high or low proportion of fake profiles. From our experience, we feel that PlentyOfFish appears to have a reasonably low number of fake profiles. While this is good, we feel that this is negatively affected by the lousy member profiles (lack of details, rude, arrogant etc) that seems to proliferate PlentyOfFish.

Hookup Quality Test:

We had 3 guys test PlentyOfFish, which is a mistake. We picked up a 3 month subscription, but after only 2 months, we are pretty disillusioned and decided to cut our loss. Over these 2 months, each guy sent out at least 2 messages a day. A total of 253 messages were sent over this period. We aimed for a 50% response rate as the benchmark of a good hookup site. For this 253 messages, we received 52 responses (20.6%). Out of these responses, 7 were downright arrogant and were making demands as though we were their servants. We cut these women off immediately.

The next step is to convert the remaining 45 messages into hookup dates. For these 45 responses, we managed to convince 17 ladies to come out for a first date. Our guys turned up for 14 of these dates. On these numbers, we are looking at an overall conversion rate of 6.7%. In our opinion, this is pretty terrible. We have had much higher conversion rates on AdultFriendFinder and Additionally, for some unknown reason, we find that these women on PlentyOfFish required much greater effort to cajole than on other hookup sites.


PlentyOfFish offers a premium paid option, but we do not recommend that you take any up, considering that we cut our loss and walked after making the mistake of buying a 3-month subscription to try out the site.

Hookup Score for PlentyOfFish Review:

Need we say more? PlentyOfFish unfortunately disappoints greatly. Members profiles are not detailed and the matching / search functions are not good enough. We had a couple of great dates that came out of POF, but the overall conversion rate is so low that it is just not worth spending your time. Some of the members’ attitudes also put us off quite a bit, which we feel is a negative point against PlentyOfFish. We conclude our PlentyOfFish review with a Hookup Score of 2.7 stars.

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