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Using Body Language to Attract Women |

Many men are eager and crazy about knowing how to attract a woman. Some say money, others say good looks while others may even say it is age. That said, none of the above alone can totally draw a woman to a guy.

What then draws a woman to a man? Communication is key when it comes to impressing women and getting them attracted to you. Here, communication doesn’t implies talking, it means body language. Research from credible sources shows that women are very good at reading the body language. By doing so, they are able to notice if you are really interested in them.

About two thirds of our day-to-day communication is carried out in ways which doesn’t require us to speak at all. Remember the obvious rule that the body language speaks more about you. The way you work, talk, dress etc. send a lot of signals about you to other people, particularly women. Women can easily pick out major aspects about your character and personality and form their first impressions of their date by just reading your body language.

What Body Language Entails

What you need to do is to ensure that your body language portrays a good image about you. Since ages ago, cavemen used body language to communicate meaning that this is something which is actually within us. Everyone’s unique ways of communication is governed by the way he/she walks, talks, works and even sits. The common messages you usually send to potential mates tells if you are approachable, interested, harmless, confident, social, open, lively and many more.

To properly understand more about body language, you must know the body language cues that women usually find very attractive. Almost 100% of ladies out there are more attracted to an “open” body language. If you have open body language, it means that you are calm, cheerful, you have uncrossed legs/arms and most importantly you are maintaining an upright posture (you aren’t gazing at shoes or phone).

Another thing that body language shows about you is youthfulness. Women are generally attracted by men who stand up straight while squaring their shoulders and planting their feet apart slightly more than the shoulder width.

How To Attract A Woman Using Your Body Language

Maintaining An Upright Posture

Whether you are walking or sitting down, always remember to keep your back straight while keeping your head high. This shows that you are in charge and that is what every woman wants in a man because your posture portrays your level of confidence. Upright posture indicates that you know exactly what you are doing. You are the man who every other man wants to be, and the man that every girl would like to date. Keep your head high and your back straight as you take control of the room. This is how you can send positive dating language to women.

Keep A Calm Voice Tone

Yes, this is part of body language and in fact, it is the crucial part of attracting a lady. Sincerely, if you are talking too fast, it makes you seem nervous. Talking too slow again makes you sound like a guy who is out of his depth. This kind of messages will turn off any woman. When you are having time with your date, you need to talk in a regular pace and pronounce your words clearly. This makes your talk legible. If possible, also talk in a deeper tone, as this indicates poise and control.

Be Always Open (Available)

To show a woman that you are approachable, calm and collected, you have to address her with your arms open. Don’t cross your arms or legs when approaching a lady, because this makes you look defensive and unapproachable. Hold your shoulders back and keep your feet apart. This ultimately shows you are a cool, calm and confident guy who can be approached by any one. A girl wants an open guy whom she can share a lot with him. You have to show her that you are ready to be part of her success or even failure by just keeping a proper body language.

Controlling your movement is an additional tip you may pay attention to. Don’t walk too fast as this indicates haste and nervousness. Instead, walk in a relaxed manner and keep your shoulders loose, so your arm movements are natural. This shows the world that you are comfortable and calm. Also, when sitting down, try to lay back and relax with your arms by your sides or on the arms of the chair.

Generally, being open, confident and maintaining the right posture are the core things which attracts a woman and they are directly linked to what your body portrays about you. For example, compare two guys: one who is walking with slouched shoulders and the one walking with his arms out and the shoulders thrown back. Who is more approachable? The guy walking with slouched shoulders looks uncertain and lacking in confidence. He will look like he doesn’t want to be disturbed and simple unapproachable.

The best thing about modifying your body language is that, you’ll start to see the results very quickly, which will spur you to become more confident and show even more positive body language.

Work On Your Body Language

Working on your body language makes you to look attractive and any lady wouldn’t mind hanging out with you. Integrating the aforementioned tips into your day-to-day life looks hard but as you practice each day, you’ll become better and better. After sometime, it will become natural and you’ll notice girls love hanging out with you. How a person you’ve met for the first time takes you depends on the signals send by your style of walking, sitting, talking and standing.

As a guy, remember to listen to women and often lean your head towards theirs when talking to show them that you are interested in the conversation. Women are excellent at reading your body language, so don’t neglect this very important and silent part of you.

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